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Apptis General Services Administration CONNECTIONS Team

Contract: General Services Administration CONNECTIONS II

Contract Number: GS00Q12NSD0003

Period of Performance: 01/31/2021*
* Includes 39-month Base Period and 6 1-yr. options

Authorized Users: Government-wide

DUNS Number: 116207978

Description: The Connections II scope includes all labor and equipment necessary to support communications and networking solutions at the Local Area Network (LAN), building, campus, and enterprise level.

Functional Scope: Connections II solutions include the ability to provide labor only services, equipment only purchases, as well as total agency solutions. The Connections II acquisition encompasses four broad range of solution focus areas.

  • Communications and Networking
  • Building/Campus Facility Preparation
  • Operations, Administration, and Management (OA&M)
  • Customer Service and Technical Support

Ordering Method: De-centralized via any federal agency Designated Agency Official (DAO) contracting officer.

Task Order Types: FP or T&M

Contract Usage Fee: 1.5%