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Today’s full spectrum cyber space domain demands cyber situational awareness. Cyber leaders at all levels require a strategy that enables them to know the comprehensive status of their global enterprise, from their regional networks to their local enclaves, including their adversarial entities before they can cause harm – all at network speed with machine-to-machine capabilities.

The key word in the Apptis offering is “INTEGRATED.”

We provide our customers with Integrated Cyber Solutions – complete, end-to-end:

  • Define the requirements
  • Design and engineer the solution
  • Build the cyber infrastructure
  • Provision circuits locally and globally
  • Integrate into a coherent network, test, and certify
  • Operate and defend
  • Secure the cloud

Our experienced, skilled, and certified cyber professionals operate, maintain, and defend the solution from all threats, within and without.

From cradle-to-grave, Apptis provides Integrated Cyber Solutions and is proud to present the following complete offering to our customers:

  • CYBER SOLUTIONS CONSULTING - Apptis brings the best minds to bear on your problem or requirements to establish a Cyber Strategy with vision and forethought that can take you through the next several years of submitting and defending your programs and budgets.
  • NETWORK EPIC (ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, INSTALLATION, AND CERTIFICATION) – Conceptualize, design, engineer, procure, install, test and certify a network with its systems, components, and links.
  • NETWORK OPERATIONS – Operate and maintain the network at peak efficiency.
  • NETWORK DEFENSE – Defend the network, its systems, components, data and information from all threats from within (insider and advanced persistent threats) and against external attacks.
  • SECURE CLOUD – Provide Secure Cloud to ensure customer data residing in a cloud environment remains inviolable.
  • SITUATIONAL AWARENESS - Supporting the dynamic cyber domain - machine-to-machine - at network speed.